Written on the Landscape

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Our biggest news is the progress on our film, Written on the Landscape.  Our latest research  shows that the patterns of astronomical alignments in the central canyon and their relationships to sacred landscape are repeated throughout the Chaco world, much amplified since The Mystery of Chaco Canyon. The new film expands our field of vision to the culture’s reach across the Four Corners, and it also looks south, finding interchanges and correspondences with Mesoamerica.

One of our most important recent discoveries is how remarkably vast the Chaco region is – reaching into four states, an area the size of Ohio. We query the Chacoans’ inspiration to amass immense resources and manpower to build massive structures in desolate swaths of a remote desert, including hundreds of great kivas and ritual roads. The mystery unfolds as we discover many sites and roads align to dramatic formations in the landscape, and often to solar or lunar events. And we return to Chaco Canyon, to Pueblo Bonito as a great ritual center and power hub radiating out.

Rather than telling you, we’re including a special bonus, to show you – a link to the trailer that suggests its promise as a final hour-long film. We are very pleased that Robert Redford has lent his endorsement to the film.

We need to raise $180,000 now to reach our goals of completing this phase of production in early 2022, and ultimately to raise an additional $700,000 further to complete our full-length version of the film. Interviews are in the wings to be shot on location in Aztec Ruin at winter solstice, at Mt. Taylor, and two outlying Great House/Road complexes. Updating scenic, time lapse and aerial footage is essential in evoking the magnetic beauty of the Chaco world. Further development of the script is required, involving consultations with writer/advisors, as well as review and sequencing of extensive footage. Please join us by contributing to this exciting venture to enhance our understanding and appreciation of the great legacy of the Chaco culture – not only for Puebloan descendants, but for all of us! Know that contributions will be noted in thoughtful credits in the final production.