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The Solstice Project studies the rich astronomical heritage of the ancient Chaco culture in the American Southwest. Founded in 1978 by Anna Sofaer, our non-profit organization has published research, books and award-winning films that document how the Chaco culture's ceremonial architecture was built to align with the cycles of the sun and moon. We also created the stunning Sun Dagger site atop Fajada Butte, that casts light patterns marking the solar and lunar cycles on spiral rock carvings. Our ground-breaking research of Chaco architecture and roads continues to enrich studies of archaeology, archaeoastronomy, anthropology and Native American cultures. Because our work relies on your donations, please consider making a contribution today.

What We're Doing!

Here’s a message from Von Del Chamberlain we found very beautiful:

"The planet Venus is creeping up on the star cluster known as the Pleiades. Venus will appear to join this tightly-knit star group on the nights of April 2 and 3. This will be beautiful to our eyes (binoculars will help), but most important of all it can be a provocative message for our minds.


This comes to us through old traditions of the Pawnee Nation of North America. For those true Native Americans, the planet Venus was considered the mother of the human race and the Pleiades were symbolic of the significance of unity among the human family.


Go out and watch between now and those two days in early April as the perceived mother of humanity moves into the family in the sky. Listen with your eyes as She, along with Her celestial family shout down to us the message that we must be united as one family. Surely no more important memorandum is needed, all around the globe, right now. WE, THE HUMAN FAMILY – ALL OF US – MUST LIVE THE PRINCIPLE OF UNITY – IF WE ARE TO SURVIVE!"


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