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Associations and Organizations

Southwestern Anthropological Association

ISAAC, the International Society for Archaeoastronomy and Astronomy in Culture

American Anthropological Association

American Astronomical Society

Society of American Archaeologists

Archaeological Council of N M

Archaeological Legacy Institute
a non-profit dedicated to the preservation and continued investigation of archaeological sites. The site has a great collection of streaming videos.

Association for American Indian Affairs

Museums and Cultural Centers

National Museum of the American Indian

Dumbarton Oaks Pre Columbian Collection

Center for Desert Archeology

Pueblo Cultural Center


University of Maryland Center for Archaeoastronomy

Astronomy Program at Pomona College
Page on Chaco

The University of Texas Center for Ancient American Art and Culture

School of  Advanced Research
a center in Santa Fer for the study of the archaeology and ethnology of the American Southwest.

Santa Fe Indian School

Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute


The Cosmic Serpent.
This site explores commonalities between western and native science.

Maya Exploration

The exploratorium

NASA Archeology

Media - films, video, magazine

Bullfrog Films

Imaging Research Center, UMBC

Michael Stearns Productions


Rocky Mountain PBS-Info on "Mystery of Chaco Canyon"

Astronomy Magazine

American Indian Film Institute

Native Networks
the Smithsonian Institute's site on films, video and radio produced by indigenous peoples of N, America and Hawaii

Archaeology @ RealAdventures

PRESERVATION - Learn About Protecting Chaco, a World Heritage Site

Urgent Proposal to Record Chaco Prehistoric Roads by John Roney and Anna Sofaer

Letter to Secretary Jewell

Chaco Alliance

San Juan Citizens Alliance

Other Chaco Canyon Links

Chaco Digital Initiative

Chaco Canyon Prehistoric Roadways, NASA

Chaco Culture National Historical Park, National Park Service

Unesco World Heritage
Page on Chaco




"The Solstice Project and Anna Sofaer give us a new view of Chaco Canyon and ancient North America correcting long- standing prejudices: the colonial insistence of savages on a continent that was, in fact, teeming with cities and civilizations.  America before 1492 was a complicated, cosmopolitan, interesting place.  Sometimes it takes a jolt or shock to open our eyes to reality, and the Solstice Project has been high amperage.”

-Stephen Lekson, editor,
The Architecture of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico



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